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Your partner for the ultimate tent experience

We have an extensive range of tents for businesses. Varying from full tent accommodations to festival tents and custom made tents. At De Waard you are at the right address.

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Apollo 3 Blauw
3 Persons

Compact Fir

The Compact Fir has a nicely designed canopy, which give and added protection against both the afternoon sun and rain showers. Thanks to its eye-catching tipi shape, you can dress every campsite a little differently. Put a few of them in a row or place them all in a circle with a campfire in the middle and each tenant will feel like camping right away. A number of Compact Fir's combined with the Activity Roof completes the picture.

Apollo 5 1
5 Persons

Giant Fir

The Giant Fir is a successor of the Apollo. This means that the Giant Fir is fitted with a deep canopy as standard. This protects you from the rain and gives you protection and shade from the sun. The Giant Fir can also be erected within 30 minutes.

Apollo tent
5 Persons


The Apollo is the must-have tent for every festival organisor. Thanks to the striking tipi-shape every festival get it's own decoration. This tent will feel like a warm welcome for festival visitors. The Apollo tent can be erected within 5 minutes. Perfect for every festival organisor!

6 Persons

Dutch Elm

The Dutch Elm offers a solution for every large group of people. There is enough room in both the sleeping and living area for six people. The Dutch Elm is charactarised by it's special canopy providing an extra shielded space. Whether you are receiving a family or a group of friends, they all stay in comfort and in luxury under one roof.

Tunnel tent
6 Persons

Tulip Tree

The Tulip Tree offers a solution for anyone wanting to accomodate a large group of people. Because of the arch-shaped construction the Tulip Tree offers surprisingly much space to move. There is enough space for 6 persons in both the sleeping and living area. Whether you are receiving a family or a group of friends, they will all stay in comfort and luxury underneath one tent roof.

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All the advantages

De Waard, this is why

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De Waard tenten op de duin
Excellent quality

Unique design

For over 70 years De Waard tents are well represented on many camp sites. Not just because of their high quality, but also because of the striking and unique design.

Vrouw naaimachine
All in Europe

European quality product

De Waard tents are tents for life. We have our own factory and specialists at our disposal for developing and producing our tents. By producing our tents at our very own workshop, we are able to supply the best quality. This guarantees De Waard tents a long lifespan.

Hamer en priem
Only the best quality

Own production facilities

Besides our own factory, De Waard also has it's own workshop. Repairs and alterations are done here daily. This enables us to offer the best quality and service in the short term.

Tentrits met hand van dichtbij
Everything in-house

Design, production, sales and repairs all done in-house

De Waard does all in-house. From design to production and from sales to repairs, all is handled by our own specialists. Wheter your looking for a basic tent, a custom made tent or whether you have a question, our De Waard specialist are ready to assist you.

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