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De Waard Tents

Privacy policy

In this policy we explain in what manner De Waard Business collects personal data, both on and off-line, and how we use this data.

Read this privacy policy with care, so you will know whether you want to give permission for the use of your personal data by De Waard. De Waard collects and processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We make use of this and other data to provide you with better services, marketing, and support (e.g., by analysing your data to ensure a personalised experience). When you create an account, for example, you but a product, or contact us telephonically, we can ask for your permission to use your data for certain purposes. Your choices in how we use personal data are described here.

Through their websites, De Waard provides a lot of information about camping, the environment that goes with it, and the products we sell.

If you register for the newsletter of De Waard, we save your personal data to send you newsletters from time to time. This is the purpose of the collection of data. If you leave data behind to ask a question, we will keep your personal data during the period that we are processing your question, and only in order to be able to contact you concerning.

De Waard thereby is data controller (i.e., an organisation responsible for the processing of personal data in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation) with regard to all data that De Waard collects on you and they receive when you make use of our services. De Waard is bound by and uses your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which will be implemented as from 25 May 2018.

Just like many other websites, we use cookies (tiny text files that are placed on your computer by our website), and tracking tools.

We collect your data in various ways:

1. Directly from you.
For example when you register for a newsletter, a promotional offer, when you create an account, participate in a contest, or buy a product, post a reaction on our websites, ask us a question, e-mail us, or contact De Waard telephonically.

2. Through your use of our websites and apps.
You can view and use our websites and apps with a computer, phone, tablet, or other device. On our websites and apps we make use of tracking tools, such as browser cookies and web beacons, to collect data about your usage.

3. From third parties.
When you choose, for example, to use an integrated social-media function on our websites or apps, the website of these social media will provide us with certain data about you, such as your name and e-mail address. Your activities on our websites and apps can be posted on the social-media platforms.

Data of yours that we may keep
We use the following data for the purposes described in this policy:

1. Your contact and account information.
We keep the contact information provided by you (e.g.: first and last name, gender, year of birth, street and home number, postcode, city, country, and e-mail address) when you create an account at De Waard, you buy a product and/or participate in our contests or promotional offers.

2. You payment and invoice information.
To process your order, we keep the payment and invoice information provided by you, for example your credit card number and postcode when you buy a product.

3. From data you placed on-line.
We keep information, for instance, that you posted on our website or on an external social-media website that we have access to (such as reviews posted by you, or questionnaires you filled out). When posting information on-line, the rights of others may not be violated (including the right to privacy) and you must be aware that other people can use your data, can tag you and/or republish them in a manner that you would not expect (also in manners that are unlawful).

You understand that we and others may use and republish the information you posted on-line publicly. This also includes the information you posted on our website or while using apps or social-media functions. De Waard cannot take responsibility, however, for the further use by third parties of your personal data if you place an order, buy products, or otherwise subsequently share your personal data directly with such third parties.

Information about your preferences
We can collect information about your favourite activities or products or because you have expressed interest in something (for example as a part of a survey or your review). We can also keep information about interests and demographic categories that we derive from your interaction with us, so as to provide you with better service and to provide you with more targeted information. When you buy a product for a special outdoor activity, for example, we can send you information about this specific outdoor activity.

When you visit our website, we can collect information about the browser you use and your IP-address (this is a number by which specific network devices on the internet are identified and that your device requires to communicate with websites). We can see from what website you came to ours, what you have and have not done on our website and what website you visit when you have left ours.

We can use the data in the following manners and for the following purposes

1. To provide you with products, services, account information, and support.
We can use your data, for instance, to process your order, to provide service, and to communicate with you about your order, your service request, or your registration for the newsletter.

2. To send you messages in connection with your transaction and events you visited.
We can send you an e-mail, for example, about your account or the purchase of a product or ask you - through third parties - to write a review about a purchase. In addition, we can send you an e-mail to make you aware of an event or a showroom event organised by De Waard that may be interesting to you based on the product(s) already purchased by you.

3. To note trends and interests.
We use your data to find out what your preferences may be, so we can improve our offer to you and so that your experience with us is more targeted and personal.

4. To control and improve our products, services, and websites.
We analyse your data to improve our understanding of you and generally to improve our customer base. We do this so as to take better decisions about our services, advertising, products, and content of our website and newsletters, based on a better informed idea of how our customers make use of our current services and to personalise your experience with us more.

5. If you have registered for a newsletter.
If you have registered for De Waard's newsletter, we may send you newsletters.

You have certain choices about how we use your data
When you create an account or buy products, we can also ask for your permission later on to collect, process, or use personal data for specific purposes. If you want to withdraw the permission you gave us for such use of your personal data or if you wish to peruse or change your data, write to us or indicate your preference to us through the e-mail address info@dewaardbusiness.com.

You can unsubscribe not only in writing, but in the following manners as well:

1. You can unsubscribe for the receipt of marketing messages.
In order no longer to receive e-mails or SMS messages, follow the instructions in a commercial message you received, change the information in your personal De Waard account, or mail to

info@dewaardbusiness.com. Even if you unsubscribe for the receipt of marketing messages, we can still send you messages in connection with the filling out of our contact form or after you have made a request to us in another manner. Otherwise, we cannot process your request.

2. You can unsubscribe for the receipt of our newsletters.
You no longer receive our newsletters, adjust the account settings, change your information in your personal De Waard account, follow the instructions that are indicated in each of our newsletters or mail to info@dewaardbusiness.com.

3. You can ask us to provide insight into the data we have stored on you.
You can also request us through info@dewaardbusiness.com to modify the information or to remove your personal data completely. You are also able to see within your personal De Waard account which of your data is known to us and change it.

We can share your data with the following third parties

1. Within De Waard
We can share all your data with our brand store under the same purposes as are listed in this policy, but not for other purposes, unless you have explicitly granted your permission for this.

2. Third parties
We only share your data with a third party if you have explicitly consented to it, not otherwise.

3. Third parties that provide goods and services you purchased
Your data may also be shared with such third parties as may offer goods and services that you have purchased through our website, so that they can process and carry out your orders (e.g., by contacting you).

4. If we think it is necessary to comply with legislation and regulations or to protect ourselves or third parties.
To the extent legally permitted, we can also share data upon request of a government institution or another competent authority or organisation to protect or enforce our rights or those of a third party or to detect and prevent fraud (also including fraud with credit cards and fraud we suspect has taken place during a visit to our megastores or a visit to our websites) and other criminal acts.
We make use of standard security measures. We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. The standard security measures applied by us depend on the nature of the data collected. Remember that the internet is not 100% safe. We cannot promise that your use of our websites is completely safe. We advise you to be careful when using the internet. This also applies to not sharing your passwords.
In case you have any more questions or a complaint, or you want to receive a copy of the data we keep on you, please contact us at info@dewaardbusiness.com. If you have questions or complaints about this privacy policy or about your privacy or if you want to receive a copy of the data we keep on you, please contact us.

To correct, modify, or update data provided by you, or to withdraw permission you have granted us, please contact us at info@dewaardbusiness.com.

All requests for information to All requests for information to info@dewaardbusiness.com must be accompanied by the valid identification of the applicant, whereby the administrator who is in charge may verify the identity of the applicant, to protect the privacy of data subjects in case of any possible unidentified requests.

We maken gebruik van standaardveiligheidsmaatregelen. We hebben passende technische en organisatorische maatregelen getroffen om persoonsgegevens te beschermen tegen verlies of tegen enige vorm van onrechtmatige verwerking. De door ons gebruikte standaardveiligheidsmaatregelen hangen af van de aard van de verzamelde gegevens. Bedenk wel dat het internet niet 100% veilig is. We kunnen niet beloven dat jouw gebruik van onze sites volledig veilig is. We raden je aan voorzichtig te zijn bij het gebruik van het internet. Hiertoe behoort ook het niet delen van je wachtwoorden.

Mocht je nog vragen of klachten hebben of een afschrift van de gegevens die wij over je bewaren willen ontvangen, neem dan contact met ons op via info@dewaardbusiness.com. Indien je vragen of klachten hebt over dit privacybeleid of over je privacy of als je een afschrift van de gegevens die wij over je bewaren wilt ontvangen, neem dan contact op.
Om door jou verstrekte gegevens te corrigeren, te wijzigen of bij te werken, of om een toestemming die je ons hebt gegeven in te trekken neem dan contact met ons op via info@dewaardbusiness.com.

Alle verzoeken om informatie aan info@dewaardbusiness.com dienen vergezeld te gaan met een geldige identificatie van de verzoeker, waarbij de verantwoordelijke beheerder de identiteit van de verzoeker mag verifiëren, om de privacy van betrokkenen bij eventueel ongeïdentificeerde verzoeken te beschermen.

De Waard has registered its data processing under number 1594041 with the overseer in the field of privacy legislation, the 'Autoriteit Bescherming Persoonsgegevens'. De Waard reserves itself the right to modify this privacy policy. Any modification will be announced on this page. De Waard therefore advises to regularly check this page whether changes have been implemented. The current privacy policy was updated on 1 February 2018 and already adjusted to the upcoming ratification of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018.

De Waard heeft haar gegevensverwerking onder nummer 1594041 aangemeld bij de toezichthouder op het gebied van de privacywetgeving, de Autoriteit Bescherming Persoonsgegevens. De Waard behoudt zich het recht voor dit privacybeleid aan te passen. Elke aanpassing zal op deze pagina bekend worden gemaakt. De Waard adviseert dan ook regelmatig op deze pagina te kijken of er aanpassingen zijn doorgevoerd. De huidige privacybeleid is bijgewerkt op 1 februari 2018 en reeds aangepast aan de aanstaande inwerkingtreding van de Algemene Verordening gegevensbescherming op 25 mei 2018.

Cookie policy De Waard
Through our website, various cookies may be placed. It regards the website www.dewaardbusiness.com. In the following we explain what cookies are, what they do, what cookies are used at De Waard and why.

What do cookies do?
Cookies are tiny (text) files that a webpage server places on your computer, tablet, or other electronic device (in the following "computer") when visiting a webpage. Because a cookie is located on your computer, the webpage server can recognise your computer. A cookie cannot start up programs nor spread viruses.

Cookies have a certain term of validity from the moment they are placed on a computer. After the term of validity has expired, the cookie is removed by your browser. For some cookies, the duration of the browser session is the term of validity, but there also are cookies that remain valid longer, so that they can be read out upon a subsequent visit to our website as well. To the extent we collect personal data from you with the aid of cookies, we process such in conformity with our privacy statement.

Cookies on our website
Through our websites, functional (necessary) cookies and analytic cookies are placed, as well as cookies related to social-media options, and tracking cookies to offer relevant content.

Functional (necessary) cookies
We use a functional cookie that is necessary to enable navigation on the website. This cookie is only valid for the duration of your browser session. To remember your choice for the acceptance or refusal of our cookies, it is necessary that we place a functional cookie (Cookie Accepted). This cookie is valid for a maximum duration of two years.

These are our own cookies and they can only be read out by authorised collaborators of De Waard. De Waard does not shares the data thereby collected with third parties, barring any possible obligation to such effect.

Analytic cookies
Analytic cookies record how visitors use our website. With this information, usage of our website can be analysed and statistics can be generated. In this manner, we can better understand our website visitors and with this knowledge improve the website. For this purpose we use the service Google Analytics. In this context, analytic cookies are placed through our website from the provider of this service: Google Inc. Based on the data collected with these cookies, Google prepares anonymous reports for De Waard regarding the use of our website.

For the Google Analytics cookies we have chosen the setting ‘privacy-friendly’, in line with the manual concerning of the overseer 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens'. As a result, we process less of your data. In addition, Google offers the possibility of unsubscribing for data collection in the context of Google Analytics; click here to make use of this option. Click here for more general information on how Google uses cookies. No permission has been granted to Google to use the information obtained for other (Google) services. Google only obtains anonymized information, whereby, e.g., your IP-address is not provided along with it.

Social-media cookies
To offer the possibility to visitors of our websites to share content, we have placed social-media buttons on these websites, including a Facebook and Twitter share-button. By using this share option, cookies may be placed on your computer. These may comprise functional cookies that enable social-media options, but analytic cookies as well. Both Facebook and Twitter can use these cookies and the information collected through them for their own purposes. We appreciate referring you in this context to the privacy policies of Facebook and Twitter and possibly of other social-media programs.

Cookies related to social media are not placed or read by us, but by the relevant social-media provider. We have limited knowledge and no control over these cookies. We therefore do not accept any responsibility or liability for these social-media cookies or for how the relevant social-media providers treat the collected information.

Tracking cookies
With your permission, we place cookies on your computer, which can be requested as soon as you visit the websites of De Waard. When you use our websites, we collect (a part of) your IP-address, type of browser, operating system, and application version, language settings, the page through which you came to our website, and the pages of our website that you have visited. We also collect information about the response to e-mail messages. If you visit our website through a mobile device, we also collect information about the brand of your mobile device and other specific characteristics of the device.

The profile built up this way is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and the likes, but only serves to align content with your profile, so that it will be as relevant as possible for you.

Rejection and removal of cookies
You can choose the setting of your browser in such a way that no cookies are stored, you can allow or reject every cookie, or that all cookies are removed when closing your browser. A useful step-by-step plan for the management of cookies can be found on the website of consumer protection organisation 'de Consumentenbond'. Cookies are placed on every computer with which you visit websites, If you do not wish to receive any cookies at all, then you must change the settings on all computers you use. Attention: if you refuse and/or remove cookies this also affects the cookies that are strictly necessary. This does not limit the use of the website, however.

You can remove or have placed cookies at any time (and still withdraw permission or still grant permission). If you have refused permission for the placing of cookies, and you remove the cookie by which this was registered, then your permission will be asked again when you visit our website.

Most browsers permit such settings that cookies are accepted, are not accepted (any longer), or that you are informed when you receive a cookie. Instructions regarding the modification of the settings of the browser and the removal of cookies can be found in the instructions and/or with the aid of the ‘Help’ function (in the toolbar) of most browsers.

Your rights
An objection against the use of personal data for direct-marketing purposes and/or the (further) receipt of (certain) marketing information can be made at all times by addressing a request for termination to www.dewaardbusiness.com.

You have the right to request De Waard to allow you to peruse your personal data - processed by De Waard as data controller in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation - and/or (to the extent applicable) to correct such, supplement, remove, or shield such. You must address a request for perusal and/or correction at www.dewaardbusiness.com.

All requests for information to www.dewaardbusiness.com must be accompanied by the valid identification of the applicant, whereby the administrator in charge may verify the identity of the applicant in order to protect the privacy of data subjects in case of any possible unidentified requests.

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