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3 Persons

Compact Fir

The Compact Fir has a nicely designed canopy, which give and added protection against both the afternoon sun and rain showers. Thanks to its eye-catching tipi shape, you can dress every campsite a little differently. Put a few of them in a row or place them all in a circle with a campfire in the middle and each tenant will feel like camping right away. A number of Compact Fir's combined with the Activity Roof completes the picture.

Apollo 3 Blauw
3 Persons

Compact Fir

The Compact Fir has a diameter of 3 meters. This makes this beautiful tipi tent suitable for up to 3 people. Would you like to combine this with a larger Fir? Then choose a Giant Fir.

The Compact Fir canvas is made from 100% cotton and made by the brand Ten Cate. This tent fabric guarantees a long lifespan due to its high tensile and tear resistance. The setup time of this Compact Fir is a maximum of 5 minutes.

  • Season: voorjaar zomer
  • Number of people.: 3 Persons
  • Surface area: 6,9m²

The details makes the difference

Apollo 3 Beige
Apollo 3 Sahara
Apollo 3 Sahara 6
Apollo 3 Sahara 5
Apollo 3 Sahara 4
Apollo 3 Sahara 3
Apollo 3 Sahara 2
Apollo 3 Sahara 1

All specifications of the Compact Fir.

  • Number of persons: Maximum 3
  • Roof material: KD38 100% cotton
  • Outer canvas: KD38 100% cotton
  • Frame: Coated steel
  • Entrance height: 133 cm
  • Ridge height: 230 cm
  • Living area: Ø 300 cm
  • Dimensions: Ø 300 cm
  • Available colours: Sahara, blue, green and beige
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